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Treatment Overview

Treatment Recommendations

Until relatively recently, most doctors thought Alport syndrome was an untreatable disease. However, experiments carried out in mice with Alport syndrome demonstrate that several different kinds of medication could slow down loss of kidney function. Preliminary studies in people with Alport syndrome have also provided evidence that early treatment delays kidney fibrosis. This means that diagnosing Alport syndrome as early in life as possible in order to get patients on medication is important.

The Alport syndrome Research Collaborative, an international group of medical professionals who treat Alport patients, developed clinical practice recommendations aimed at standardizing care for children with Alport syndrome. Guidelines for treatment of adults with Alport syndrome are also available.

Further Reading

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Clinical Practice Recommendations

Regular Examinations

It is very important for people with Alport syndrome to be examined regularly by a nephrologist so that effects of kidney disease, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), can be identified early and treated. Regular evaluations of hearing and vision are also important.

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