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Volunteer opportunities for TEENS

Create a short video (less than a minute) telling us your first name (NO last names), city, if you know of others in your family with Alport syndrome, and what you like to do for fun. We’ll add your video to others on our website to help show teens living with AS that they are not alone! (With permission from parents/guardian). Send your video to [email protected]. If you have trouble sending, just email and we’ll figure it out.

Join our teen ambassador efforts. Teens help as assistants at our Family Meetings, get connected to other teens with Alport syndrome, assist with advocacy efforts on policy issues important to Alport patient families, advise on updated content for our website and more. To apply, contact us.

Volunteer Opportunities for YOUNG ADULTS AGES 19-29

Join our Young Professional Advisory Committee. This group advises the ASF Board of Directors on issues of importance to patients and families in this age group, assists with advocacy efforts, and advises on programs and services as well as updated content for the website. Contact us to get involved!

Volunteer Opportunities for ALL AGES

Raise awareness on social media. “Like” ASF on social media and share our posts on your page to raise awareness. You can find links to all our social media at the bottom of our website.



Share Your Story

Share your story – through your social media page or ask ASF for more information about sharing your story more widely through its communication channels to inspire others.



Bring ASF Literature to Your Doctor

ASF is always looking to raise awareness among medical professionals. Download PDF versions of ASF’s information for patients and ask to place them in your doctor’s waiting room to educate their patients. You can also print out the home page of the “For Medical Professionals page” for your doctor to make certain they stay up to date on Alport syndrome.


Share Your Special Skills

Multi-lingual? Artist? Photographer? Writer? Event planner? Organizer? Musician? Runner? If you’re thinking about how you can share your special skill(s) to support ASF’s efforts, contact us.


Serve as a Patient Ambassador to expand ASF’s network of Support

Be trained to speak with patients or parents to provide support and resources. To apply, contact us.


Join the Annual Campaign

Become a campaigner for our annual Campaign for Healthy Kidneys, which supports the Alport syndrome Research Program. The campaign takes place for 6 weeks in the Fall.

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