Team ASF
Participating in a race or other endurance event? Know someone who is? Join ASF to raise funds and awareness through your participation. Visit bit.ly/TeamASF to join!

Join the Annual Campaign
Become a campaigner and raise funds for the Alport syndrome research program. The campaign takes place for 6 weeks in the Fall.

Raise awareness on social media
Like ASF on social media and share our posts on your page to raise awareness. You can find links to all our social media at the top of this page.

Serve as a peer mentor
Be trained to speak with a patient or parent to provide support and resources.

Bring brochures to your doctor
ASF is always looking to raise awareness. Request brochures from ASF and ask to place them in your doctor’s waiting room to educate their patients.

Share your story
Share your story on the ASF website, your social media page or ask ASF for more information about writing a blog article to inspire others with your story.

Have a special skill?
Let us know what you like to do and we can find the right opportunity.

Host a Fundraiser
Looking to plan an event or raise funds at work, school or with a group? Contact us so we can help!

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