Paul Silver Tribute Award Previous Winners

Winners of the 2015 Paul Silver Tribute Award

Tristin, 19, is a college sophomore from South Dakota studying healthcare administration. He plans to use his award to offset his educational expenses.

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Jeffrey, 19, is a college sophomore from Minnesota with a double major in computer science and mathematics. He will use his award to cover his college tuition.

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Joseph, 17, is a high school senior in California who plans to become a physician. His award will be used for school expenses.

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Winners of the 2014 Paul Silver Tribute Award

Will, 16, is a high school student from Kansas who is studying Spanish. He  plans to use his award to help fund a study abroad trip to Costa Rica.

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Winners of the 2013 Paul Silver Tribute Award

Robert, 22, is a college senior in Pennsylvania, where he is majoring in Fisheries Biology. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in the field of ecology. His award will be used for educational expenses.

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Austin, 17, is a high school honor student and filmmaker from Florida. He and two friends have started a film production company and have submitted several of their projects to local film festivals. His award will help finance their next project.

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Angelica, 18, is a college freshman in Oregon. She is majoring in Horse Production and Training and has been a 4H member for years. Her award will be used to defray the costs of becoming a rodeo barrel racer.

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Adriana, 11, has Type 1 Diabetes in addition to Alport syndrome. She will use her award to continue attending a private school in Pennsylvania.

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Corey, 22, is a college freshman in Georgia. He plans to study physical therapy so he can help people with physical challenges. He will use his award to offset his college expenses.

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Winners of the 2012 Paul Silver Tribute Award

Conner, 20, is a college sophomore in Kansas. After graduation, he plans to help others who have problems of speech, hearing and language. Conner will use his award to offset college expenses.

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Jessica, 22, is a college junior in Virginia. She has plans to become a child psychologist focusing on children with chronic illnesses. Her award will help finance a semester at sea.

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