Patient Perspectives

The Alport Family Meetings (AFM) provide a unique opportunity for members of our renal community to meet and mingle with other families affected by Alport syndrome and simultaneously learn from the experts. Shannon and her husband attended our Los Angeles event (AFMLA) along with their son,

Celina LaBrec-Salmons was the first person to register for the first-ever Alport syndrome Virtual Walk, which will be held on June 18. This is a national event to raise funds and awareness by encouraging people to participate in their own communities.

Note: This blog entry was updated September 12, 2018. Those preparing for Hurricane Florence are strongly encouraged to visit the FEMA website and additional kidney-related emergency preparedness links at the conclusion of this post.   When emergencies strike, we often feel helpless. For patients with renal diseases like Alport syndrome and other conditions requiring special needs, natural disasters and other unexpected events can be especially traumatic.
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